Stay in an Ice Hotel

by Eugenia Lazaris

May 20, 2019

Ice Hotel © Martine Oger |

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Ice hotels are becoming increasingly popular as a unique adventure for dedicated travelers. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of gusto it takes to join the polar bear club by jumping into frigid waters in your speedo, imagine the thrill of spending the night on a bed of ice inside your own igloo wrapped in warm blankets and furs.

These frozen hotels are popping up all over the northern regions of the world, giving people a chance to visit these frozen wonderlands in a setting that combines roughing it with luxury.

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, is the place where it all started and you can now stay in a frozen palace just about anywhere temperatures get cold enough to sustain them — Finland, Canada, Norway and Alaska. The concept takes luxurious accommodations and marries them to the peaceful serenity of a beautiful landscape bathed in a blanket of white snow and ice.

Guests sleep inside of a sub-zero sleeping bag designed to withstand the cold temperatures and snowsuits, snow boots and other cold weather accessories can be borrowed from the hotel during your stay. There are heated Jacuzzis that allow guests to relax in the warmth outdoors while they enjoy the serenity and view the amazing phenomenon of the northern lights.

A stay in an ice hotel is a great opportunity to do something completely outside the box and experience the amazing natural beautiful of the wild and beautiful North.


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