Staying Clean on Airplanes

by Erich Martin

May 19, 2019

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Traveling anywhere hundreds of people share seats is enough to set off any germaphobe’s anxiety. There are ways to limit your contact with airplane seats, though.


Seat Sitters posits itself as a solution for the question of unhealthy travel wherever community seats are a question. The kits come in adult and child sizes and include hand sanitizer, a physical seat cover to literally separate you from the seat in question and more.


If you aren’t interested in buying an entire kit in the pursuit of staying healthy, I have plenty of other suggestions for you.


Keep some travel hand sanitizer on your person, and make sure to use it whenever you eat or after touching anything that lots of other people also touch. Follow this procedure for eating, as well. When it comes time to use your seatback tray, make sure you disinfect it before putting anything on it.


Before you leave, boost your immune system. Check with your doctor to see if they recommend supplements. At the very least, some oranges and orange juice definitely won’t hurt.


Finally, make sure you wash your hands at every possible opportunity. You should probably wash your hands regularly anyway, but neglecting to wash your hands after moving through airports and passing through security can be disastrous.


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