Steripod Clip-On Razor Head Protector

by Allie Moore

Mar 11, 2019

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In an industry that seems to have an answer for everything, travel products exist to solve nearly any and every problem a traveler can think of. One such problem travelers may not even consider a problem is keeping razor heads clean, preventing them from rusting and avoiding unwanted nicks and cuts when transporting razors from your toiletries bag to the shower.


To solve this largely unknown problem, Steripod invented a clip-on razor head protector that fits onto most reusable razor heads and serves a handful of functions. Affixing the Steripod razor head cover prevents the razor head from rusting and the blades from becoming dull. The cover features an anti-rust strip made from zinc that keeps blades sharp and prevents nicks and cuts when handling the razor.


To use, rinse your razor, allow it to dry and then clip on the protector so the zinc strip touches the razor blades directly. Before your next use, rinse the razor again. The cover can offer its protective benefits for up to three months.


Single pods can be purchased on Steripod’s website for $4.99 and are available in pink, blue, teal, pearl white or black pearl.


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