Study Finds a Quarter of Travelers Expect the Worst When Traveling

by Holly Riddle

Jan 9, 2019

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A new study by OnePoll and UpgradedPoints.com finds one in seven Americans fear they have a “travel curse,” as they experience so much misfortune while traveling there could be no other logical explanation.


The study, which examined the travel habits and experiences of 2,000 Americans, found the average individual experiences 240 stressful travel moments in their life. Only two of the 2,000 people studied said they had never experienced any extremely negative travel situation.


Travelers blamed “travel curses” on everything from canceled flights to lost baggage, bad turbulence to long security lines. Nearly half of the travelers surveyed reveal having a delayed flight can completely ruin their travels. Just less than half (47 percent) found travel to be stressful, with 27 percent describing travel as “extremely stressful.” More than a quarter of travelers said they expect something to go wrong every single time they travel and they then prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario before embarking on a trip.


However, 34 percent of travelers say their stressful experiences are their own faults, as they may forget something at home, while 27 percent blame their stressful experiences on others, like annoying seat mates on planes.


Some have found traveling is so stressful they’ve just given up. One in five Americans completely aborted a trip in the past and just decided to return home early instead.


On the bright side, these so-called “cursed” travelers are sometimes making the best of things. They said perks like free food and snacks help them relax while on the go, and that having certain items with them while traveling — headphones, reading materials and pillows — make the travel experience more enjoyable and relaxing.


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