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Study Shows Travelers’ Most Common Hotel Pet Peeves

by Holly Riddle

Nov 17, 2022

© Korn Vitthayanukarun | Dreamstime.com


Whether it’s a loud neighbor next door, lackluster room service menus or an odd stain in the carpet that just makes you uncomfortable, we all have our own top hotel pet peeves — the things we just can’t shake about a stay, no matter how great everything else was.


Recently, Passport Photo Online conducted a survey of more than 1,000 travelers to find out which hotel pet peeves are most popular. The study, unsurprisingly, found the top three most popular hotel pet peeves include poor room cleanliness; a weird smell in the room; and fellow guests who refuse to follow COVID-19 safety measures. Other top complaints include one-ply toilet paper in guestroom bathrooms; guestroom key cards that don’t always work; unexpected fees; slow WiFi or paid WiFi; uncomfortable bedding; poor water pressure; clogs in the bathroom; and difficult-to-access or not enough outlets.


For some travelers, these pet peeves aren’t just something they can brush off. Nearly half of survey respondents said they mention these issues in their hotel reviews online after checking out. Just less than 40 percent said they let staff know about the issues, while more than half said they’re unlikely to stay at the offending hotel again.


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