Switzerland’s New Alpine Cheese Trail

by Holly Riddle

Jul 17, 2019

Switzerland boasts beautiful mountains, lakes and rural regions — all protected by the Swiss government’s many eco-friendly policies. Enjoy the invigorating great outdoors before heading back to one of the easily available sustainable hotels. © Volgariver | Dreamstime.com

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See the Swiss countryside while taking in the natural wonders and the wonderful local cheeses. A new hiking trail takes travelers to eight cheese dairies around Engelberg.


The route is recommended June–October and is about 25 miles total. The trail starts at Engelberg Abbey, before heading to Untertrübsee, your first stop and home to amazing mountain views. Then it’s back down again, past Gerschnialp and on to Engelberg. The Engelberg Aa River takes you to Stäfeli, before the route takes you toward the Surenene Pass. The Fürenalp is the highest point on the hike, before you continue your undulating journey to multiple dairies, and then make your way back to Engelberg by way of Bränd, Spisboden, Heg and Bergli.


Throughout your route you’ll have the opportunity to purchase cheese at all eight dairies; in some cases, you can see how cheese is made by hand and how regional milk goes from cow to Swiss specialties.


If you’re interested in taking the Alpine Cheese Trail this summer or next, make sure you check your arrival dates and times, as some dairies are not occupied during certain months, and you can only catch demonstrations during certain hours of the day.


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