Taiwanese Food to Try

by Jack Guy

Aug 13, 2018

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Taiwan is getting more and more attention from adventurous travelers, and food is a big part of the appeal.

There are plenty of different influences that contribute to this unique cuisine, including migrants from mainland China, indigenous Taiwanese people and migrants from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia.

Add to that an incredible variety of ingredients thanks to varied geography and plenty of fish, and you’ve got a great combination. There are so many different fruits, vegetables and other delights that sometimes even locals can’t tell you what’s in a dish.

As a result you’ll want to be open-minded if you’re trying to get the most out of Taiwanese food. There are cheap street food markets everywhere on the island, and most people eat out for every meal rather than cooking at home. This means there is loads of food to try!

Some of the most iconic dishes include lurou fan (braised pork with rice), the ultimate comfort food for the Taiwanese, as well as beef noodle soup. The latter is so famous there is even a festival that aims to find the best beef noodle soup chef on the island.

Bao, a kind of Taiwanese burger, have been something of a food trend around the world in recent years, and oyster omelet is another interesting dish many people won’t have had before. Wash it down with a bubble tea for the full experience


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