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Take an Ecotourism Trip to Grenada

by Eugenia Lazaris

Sep 28, 2023

© Lidian Neeleman | Dreamstime.com

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Grenada seems to have it all — beautiful beaches, great weather year-round, a delicious cuisine and a fascinating culture personifying locals’ gust for life. It also has a push toward protecting the natural beauty of the tri-island area (consisting of Grenada and neighboring Carriacou and Petite Martinique) to ensure they stay that way for generations to come. In keeping with the motto of Grenada’s Tourism Board — Pure Grenada — many of the nation’s attractions and destinations instilled practices striving to protect the environment and empower the local communities.


Grenada is home to an incredible landscape ranging from mountains to farms, beaches to lush tropical forest. The people of Grenada use the land’s natural resources to encompass sustainability and an overall respect for the natural habitat defined by practices such as using local, sustainable ingredients in menus; protecting natural habitats; and even the ways in which humans coexist with nature with practices such as limiting construction to be as minimally intrusive as possible on the natural landscape.


Visitors exploring Grenada’s ecotourism sites like Grand Etang Lake and National Park directly contribute to the nation’s efforts at preserving its natural habitats and resources. This park, which centers around a crater lake created by a long-extinct volcano, is the oldest and largest protected area in the country and is home to beautiful waterfalls, exhilarating hikes and breathtaking landscapes. Visiting sites like Grand Etang not only let visitors experience the raw beauty of Grenada but also let them support the country’s efforts at preservation through places specially designated by the government for preservation and conservation.


Everywhere you turn in the country’s tri-island area, you’ll notice attractions and activities working to conserve the local landscape and habitat while letting visitors enjoy the beauty of Grenada. And not only does the country strive to protect and preserve its environment, wildlife and resources, it also takes it a step further by empowering its people to do the same. It is this community approach that helps make any visit to Grenada a lesson in ecotourism for all.



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