The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

by Benjamin Kerns

Jul 7, 2019

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Bohol’s Chocolate Hills are often dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World thanks to its one-of-a-kind landscape. The area boasts more than 1,260 hills that dry up and turn a chocolaty brown color during the dry season. The picturesque landscape is beautiful no matter what time of the year you manage to visit.


Though the hills vary in size, a cursory glance makes it seem as if they’re all roughly similar in shape. The Chocolate Hills span an area of 50 square kilometers and run in and around the towns of Batuan, Carmen and Sagbayan. Legend has it the hills came into fruition after an epic battle between two giants, who hurled boulders, rocks and sand at one another that led their formation. The less glamorous explanation is the hills are the result of the weathering of limestone over thousands of years.


The dry season of Bohol, Philippines, when the hills are at the brownest, begins in late November and lasts until May. Though you can explore them from any of the towns in the area, there are two viewing points widely considered the best. Sagbayan peak offers a sweeping view overtop the peaks and extends as far as the eye can see. Or, you can pay a visit to the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen and take in the hills from the viewing deck.


Whenever you choose to go, rest assured there’s nothing else quite like it.



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