The EST Shovel

by Benjamin Kerns

Jun 1, 2019

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We really think you’re going to dig this one. Introducing the EST Shovel, the world’s most capable adventure tool that boasts a whopping 18 tools in one. This lifesaving survival tool is meant to tag along on any adventure, whether close to home or overseas.


Who needs a toolbox with this thing in hand? The EST Shovel combines an impressive array of tools in one slim design. The hardened steel, reinforced shovel head and military-grade aluminum handle are lightweight and simple to assemble, while hiding any tool you could need out in the wild.


The EST Shovel features the following: shovel, saw, axe, knife, spear, bottle opener, fire starter, wire-cutter, trowel, hexagon wrenches, nail puller, ice pick, ruler, hook, waterproof storage, screw driver, whistle compass and rope cutter. All of these are integrated in the blade of the shovel, or hidden within the handle.


Not only is it lightweight, but it also comes with its own packable pouch. The carrying case is small enough that it can fit into nearly any backpack, or even slip beneath your seat.


The EST Shovel is not as expensive as you might think. At only $120 a piece, it’s kind of steal for all that it offers. If you’re early, you can even snag a great deal. The shovel is set to begin shipping in July, so check out the website for more information on features and how to order.



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