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The New Flavors of Professional Soccer in St. Louis, Missouri

by Kimberly Krol Inlander

Jan 24, 2023

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As America’s interest in soccer continues to reach new levels, St. Louis, Missouri, and its new St Louis CITY SC are incorporating the tastes of the city with the sport. The soccer club’s flavor officer Gerard Craft, also a James Beard Award-winning chef, helped design what is being dubbed “the most comprehensive food experience in sports” with the CITY Flavor program.


Soccer-goers will find 52 food and drink stations in the stadium, comprised of local chefs and businesses, the most in Major League Soccer. Serving both local and international cuisine, the long list of options includes Balkan Treat Box, BEAST Craft BBQ Co., Steve’s Hot Dogs and Niche Food Group.


Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular food and beverage providers joining the CITY Flavor program, including Chef Craft:


Anthonino’s Taverna

Known for locally deep-fried raviolis


Bold Spoon Creamery

Serving up ice cream cones


Chez Ali

A stop for samosas


Crown Candy Kitchen

Stocking the chocolate bars to the suites


DD Mau

The place for vermicelli bowls and bao sliders


Dewey’s Pizza

A highlight: the pepperoni pizza



Known for brisket mac ‘n’ cheese


G&W Sausage and Meats

Providing sausages to select vendors


Ices Plain & Fancy

Nitro ice cream cones



The stop for coffee



Time for tacos


Mayo Ketchup

Serving empanadas


Nudo House

The place for crab Rangoon


Padrinos Mexican Restaurant

Another spot for tacos


Pie Guy

A highlight: garlic knots


The Block

Grab burgers, meat pies


The Fattened Caf

Try Filipino sausages


The G.O.A.T. Brand

Supplying potato chips to the stadium market



A selection including jerky, brisket sandwiches, popcorn, slushies


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