The Norfolk Arms, London

by Jack Guy

Mar 12, 2019

London © Andreykr |

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Tucked away in the backstreets near Kings Cross station, this traditional pub has been given a makeover as a classy restaurant serving tapas and small plates.

The old bar remains, but now surrounded by dining tables rather than places to sit and drink, so don’t come here looking for a quick pint before your train. Do come if you are looking for a delicious meal, though.

There is an extensive menu of small plates, vaguely Spanish-influenced, but there is no attempt to be hugely authentic. The best option is to order a big selection to share, with plenty of options for non-meat eaters, too. Wine is reasonably priced and there are lots of bottles to choose from, with some good options around the $25 mark.

Service was impeccable and just the right level of attentive, even on a busy Friday night. It’s worth booking ahead if you want to eat on weekend evenings because this place is forging a reputation larger than the number of seats on offer.

A meal for five people with three bottles of wine came to $70 per head, good value considering the amount of food and drink we struggled to finish.



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