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The Trek to Norway’s Trolltunga

by Benjamin Kerns

Feb 13, 2020

Trolltunga, Norway © Emanoo | Dreamstime

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Trolltunga, literally translated to troll’s tongue, is one of Norway’s most scenic and popular hikes. The breathtaking trip up a cliff offers views unlike any other in the country, and is a must for an adventurous traveler.


Trolltunga is located in Skjedggedal, roughly 15 miles long. The trail winds alongside a jagged cliff and carries you up 900 meters past enormous mountain potholes, stone steps, the Ringedal dam and stunning wildlife. The entire hike takes upward of 10 hours, but is totally worth the effort. Once you reach the top, you’re treated to views of Lake Ringedalsvatnet that are out of this world. If you’re brave enough, step out onto Kjeragbolten, a thin rock formation jutting out over the lake.


The route to Trolltunga is challenging, and not for beginner hikers. Though there are carparks available to make the journey easier, only the full trail is truly rewarding. Keep in mind Norway can be cool. At the peak you can expect temperatures below 50 degrees, so pack warm clothes for the trip! There’s no fee to hike Trolltunga, but September–June it’s highly recommended to hire a guide. The trails are not always well marked and it’s easy to get off path.


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