These Cities Have the World’s Highest-Rated Hotels

by Megan Hill

Jul 11, 2018

Madrid, Spain © VanderWolfImages | Dreamstime

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A new survey ranked the top cities for highly rated hotels around the world.

The survey comes from lastminute.com, which ranked cities based on the most searched for and highest rated hotels on factors like location, comfort, WiFi, room service, breakfast, cleanliness and value for money.

In Europe, Madrid was at the top, followed by Austria and Warsaw. The remainder of the top 10 cities were No. 4 Lisbon; No. 5 Prague; No. 6 Berlin; No. 7 Barcelona; No. 8 Manchester; No. 9 Bucharest; and No. 10 Budapest.

In North America, Houston ranked first, followed by Mexico City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., Boston, Philadelphia, San Juan, Vancouver and Seattle. Cape Town came first in Africa; Guangzhou was first in Asia and Australia; and Montevideo came first in South America.

The results show the best-rated hotels aren’t necessarily in the most-visited cities. To view the full list, go here.

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