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This Hotel Just Introduced a Signature Beer Series

by Mary Melnick

Sep 19, 2023

© The Elms Hotel & Spa

Destinations / North America

The Elms Hotel and Spa, part of the Destination by Hyatt portfolio, located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, announced a new signature beer series created specifically for the property. The collection consists of three hand-crafted artisanal beers served on a seasonal basis at the hotel’s restaurant, Three Owls. Brewed locally at Dubious Claims Brewing Co., the beers will be offered to guests at peak freshness, reflecting the spirit of the hotel.



© The Elms Hotel & Spa

The beers inspired by the hotel’s esteemed history include:


Room Service, India Pale Ale

An ode to local folklore and ghostly figures said to be roaming the halls of the hotel, the India Pale Ale is loaded with citrusy aromas and a piney finish. The simplicity of grains and Citra hops provide a crisp mouthfeel and intense bitterness, perfect for hop lovers!


© The Elms Hotel & Spa

Thirty Three, American Cream Ale

This beer pays homage to one of The Elms’ most famous guests, the 33rd president of the United States, Harry S. Truman. The president checked into The Elms in secrecy on Nov. 2, 1948, where he and six secret service members enjoyed the quiet graciousness of the hotel and escaped the stress of campaign headquarters in Kansas City on Election Day. While not malty or hoppy, this American Cream Ale is a light, medium-bodied beer with a touch of vanilla.


Boilerplate, Oatmeal Stout

In 1910, a fire destroyed The Elms Hotel, resulting in a rebuild for the second time. Named after the only thing left standing, the Boilerplate is a timeless oatmeal stout honoring the perseverance of the hotel. A velvety smooth, dark and bold-flavored ale with a light molasses aroma, the Boilerplate is best enjoyed in the winter.


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