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Thule Versant Backpack

by Allie Moore

Sep 4, 2019

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Whatever you’re toting, carrying or packing, Thule has a vessel for you. From rooftop carriers to sports racks to backpacks, Thule specializes in getting your stuff from A to B so you’ll always have what you need. Thule’s line of backpacks ranges from hiking sacks to biking bags to snowboarding bags, with the Versant backpack measuring as one of the most versatile.


The Versant backpack comes in both men’s and women’s varieties, tailored to each gender’s unique anatomy and comfort needs.


A waterproof-lined bottom keeps the bag protected from the wet ground during rainy weather, while a removable VersaClick rolltop pocket serves the same function but to protect items inside the bag from rain above. Even with the rain cover over the bag, slide pockets are easy to access, and the top lid converts into a sling pack for shorter hikes.


Additional accessories include the Thule VersaClick Safezone Pocket, which can keep electronics protected from rain and snow, as well as a VersaClick water bottle sleeve that attaches neatly to the backpack.


The Thule Versant backpack comes in three sizes: 50 liters, 60 liters and 70 liters, which cost $239.95, $259.95 and $279.95, respectively. The bags can be purchased on Thule’s website and are available in black, green, blue and red, depending on the size.





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