Tips for Your Asiatic Vacation

by Andrew Risch

Mar 31, 2017

Mekong Vista, Luang Prabang, Laos © Chrishowey | Dreamstime

Tips / Destination

When traveling to Asia a few things become quite apparent — our food, culture and language are immensely different and without a proper introduction into the continent, one could easily get lost in all the customs and cultures. The best way to combat this scenario is to be prepared right when you get off that plane.


Because it can be difficult to acclimate yourself with the Asian culture, these tips will allow you to navigate the difficulties of the language barrier and confidently go forth on your adventure into Asia.



This could possibly be one of the most important tips no matter where you go. A positive attitude and a smile on your face can turn rather difficult scenarios into ones where both sides simply try their best to figure out what the other wants.


Go to the Doctor

Before you travel anywhere, make sure to visit your local physician. Check the countries vaccine requirements as well as recommendations, because the last thing you want is to be sick.


Money Exchange

Do not exchange your money at the airport before you leave or even at a bank. These places tend to charge excessive amounts when exchanging currency. Instead use the hotel in Asia, as chances are they will have a better exchange rate.


Diversify Your Trip

A great tip for anyone visiting Asiatic countries is to make sure to diversify. It may be great to go to a museum or two, or even an ancient temple, but just remember to vary your temples and museums or you will be bored to death by the end of your excursion.


Travel Insurance

Due to such differences in culture and diet, many street foods or activities you may come across may not be exactly “safe,” but when you have travelers’ insurance, you can let your curiosity get the best of you.


Trends / Food & Drink
Dec 11, 2018

Seasonal Winter Beverages

Solomon Burke sings there is nothing sadder than a glass of wine alone, which is why two glasses are always recommended. It is cold outside and so the season to burrow and get cozy by the fire has begun. With all this talk of wine, you might think only the finest bottle can be enjoyed, but rest assured even when your bottle of red has been open for two days, this is the season for salvaging joy. Pour that slightly off bottle into a pot, add a little brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves and half an orange. Heat it up to a simmer for 10 minutes or so and then strain into mugs. You will have yourself some tasty mulled wine in no time.

Work and Play in Italy

Once business concludes, a world of wonder awaits in many of Italy’s incredible cities.

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Dec 11, 2018

Sparq’s Vitamin Air

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Dec 11, 2018

Himalayan Salt Cutting Boards and Lamps

Light pink and in all types of forms, Himalayan salt has taken the consumer market by storm with its alleged healing powers. Similar to regular table salt, the pink salt contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride with the remaining 2 percent consisting of calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals give the substance its pinkish hue, is healthier than regular salt and also has a slight difference in taste. Himalayan salt can detoxify the body by balancing pH levels, reducing muscle cramps, balancing blood sugar levels and improving hydration with its trace mineral properties.

ATL Skypointe

Beyond being a major hub in the global transportation network, Hartsfield-Jackson is also proud to be a major hub for exciting, high-quality retail options through our award-winning concessions program, ATL Skypointe.

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Dec 10, 2018

Kayaking in Patagonia

Patagonia is a region in South America shared by Argentina and Chile. It’s a gorgeous area known for its natural beauty and scenery. Many travel to the region to enjoy outings and other outdoor activities. Kayaking in Patagonia is a fantastic option for those who want to embrace the land and experience first-hand all the beauty Patagonia has to offer. These spots are among the best for kayaking trips.