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Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

by Mary Melnick

Jan 13, 2020

© Vladi Samodarov | Dreamstime

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 Almost every woman starts planning her dream wedding when she’s a little girl. Weddings are a big deal to the bride and everything has to be perfect. They take a lot of time and effort to plan. Some people want their wedding close to home so it is easy for loved ones to come, but some want to travel for their wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular.


If you are planning a destination wedding or attending one, make sure to research the location to make sure it is safe. Doing research will also give you a little insight so you can be somewhat familiar with the place. It will help you pick out your outfit and know what to pack for the climate.


Whether you are the one getting married or simply attending as a guest, destination weddings are a fun way to explore a new place. If you pick a place you’ve never been, you can turn it into a vacation or even stay for your honeymoon. Either way, plan to stay longer than the wedding to make sure you have time to explore the destination.


Although destination weddings can be a bit expensive and may be a hassle for guests, they will provide memories of a lifetime for both the couple and their guests.




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