Tips For Your Next Overnight Flight

by Allie Moore

Jan 16, 2019

© Youssouf Cader | Dreamstime

Tips / Travel

Traveling across multiple time zones can often mean flying through the night. While some travelers have upright, plane-seat sleeping down to a science, it’s not as easy for other passengers who find it difficult to feel at ease in the uncomfortable seats of an airplane. Here are a few tips for catching some zzzs on your next overnight flight.


Prep with accessories. For those of us who aren’t passed out before the plane even takes off, it can take a bit of extra help to doze off. Pack your carry-on with an eye mask, comfortable neck pillow and ear plugs and/or noise-canceling headphones to block out the elements.


Use your smartphone. Download an app or two to help you either shut out the world around you or learn how to adjust to different time zones. Apps like Relax Melodies let users create custom sound combinations, like white noise or an oscillating fan, to aid in relaxation and block out surrounding noise, while Entrain helps users develop a sleep pattern and light adjustment plan to make it easier to adapt to a new time zone.


Schedule book-end naps. Plane naps are often unsatisfying as bumps, noise and other distractions can disturb slumber. Boarding the plane adequately rested and allowing for a nap when you land to help your body acclimate are wise ways to stay ahead of the jet lag and allow your body to rest properly.





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