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Tips to Make Sure You’re Prepared for Your Next Hiking Adventure

by Tiffany Chisholm

Feb 25, 2020

Credit: Audrey Lee

Tips / Other

Hiking is a good way to get your cardio exercise while enjoying nature. It is also a good way to stay physically active and it can help with your mental health by reducing your stress and anxiety levels.


Here are some thoughts to take into consideration before your next hiking trip:


  1. Research the terrain and choose a trail that is right for you. The best trail will be determined by your fitness level. If you are not active, choose a simple and easy hiking trail, and if you are more physically active, choose a more advanced trail.


  1. Have a first-aid kit handy. Accidents can happen while hiking, whether it be a simple scratch or a fall. Pack some first-aid supplies, such as alcohol pads, gauzes and bandages, to help along the way. Bring an Epipen or some Benadryl in case of an allergic reaction.


  1. Get the correct gear. This is probably one of the most essential tips to follow before going hiking. The proper boots, bag, hats, clothing and hiking stick will make your trip better and safer.


  1. Bring the necessary essentials, like plenty of food and water. However, ensure the drinking water isn’t too heavy or it will slow you down or hurt your back. Bring food to provide you with enough nourishment for the day.


  1. Also, be sure to pack your necessary prescriptions for your trip. If you plan to travel for extended hours and have medications that need to be taken at a specific time, bring them.


  1. Approach your hiking trip with an open mind. Be sure to be prepared to pace yourself and enjoy nature while you’re out there.



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