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Tipsy Tours at Casa Bacardi

by Audrey Lee

Sep 22, 2021

Photo by Audrey Lee

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Grab some friends to get a tipsy inside look at the Bacardi factory in Catano, Puerto Rico. As the world’s largest premium rum distillery, this tour is nothing short of a good time.


Start the tour by indulging in a complimentary cocktail included in your ticket price or upgrade to a souvenir glass to bring with you throughout the tour. Arriving early gives you time to relax and get a slight buzz before departing on a trolley to the first stop on the tour, the Bacardi family museum. Guests are greeted by a wall of personal casks of aging rum for each member of the Bacardi family, with their names etched on golden plates. The family is free to stop by whenever they like to enjoy their own rum. A tour guide gives a brief history on the family, how rum is distilled and why they are different from competitors. Before heading to the next location, a sampling of rum is dispersed to tour groups.

Casa Bacardi Factory Tour

Photo by Audrey Lee

Board the trolley again to drive by the large factory that holds the yeast that only Bacardi uses for its rum that is exclusively grown in its facility. Only two people in the world know the recipe. Walk through a path paved with large stalks of sugar cane and into the mixology lab.

Casa Bacardi Factory Tour

Photo by Audrey Lee

This is where the party begins! Tour guides become cocktail instructors and hype tour groups up with fun music and lighting. The room has stations for each member of the tour group, complete with ingredients to create a full-sized classic mojito and pina colada. Although the instructor gives you the measurements for the recipes, they encourage guests to experiment with ingredients to get the combination they enjoy most.

Casa Bacardi Factory Tour

Photo by Audrey Lee

After enjoying two cocktails, visitors are led to the gift shop to purchase swag, bottles of rum at a discount and even the opportunity to grab a personalized bottle and fill it straight from the cask. The tour ends back at the beginning bar for guests to enjoy a complimentary drink if they didn’t do so in the beginning or enjoy another drink a la carte.


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