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Top 5: Attractions in Viña del Mar

by Katie Skrzek

Jun 22, 2019

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Top 5 / South America

Viña del Mar is a coastal city in Chile, located about a two-hour drive from Santiago. The city is home to beautiful natural landscapes and cultural attractions. Check out these places on your next visit.


Quinta Vergara Park

Viña del Mar is home to many lush city gardens. Make Quinta Vergara Park your first stop. The park features an amphitheater, garden and palace, currently undergoing construction. Spend time exploring the beautifully landscaped gardens.


Flower Clock

Viña del Mar’s working flower clock is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Reloj de Flores is located near the ocean. The fully functioning clock shows the real time.


Wulff Castle

This historic castle built in 1906 currently serves as the city’s heritage center. Perched above the ocean, visitors can explore the cultural exhibits and enjoy the coastal view.



The city’s prime oceanfront location makes it an ideal spot for beach fans. There are several to choose from, including Reñaca, Caleta Abarca and Las Salinas. Caleta Abarca and Las Salinas are both popular for families. Trendy Reñaca features nearby cafés and shops.


Museo Fonck 

Viña del Mar’s archaeology and history museum hosts exhibits on the local culture. An original Easter Island Moai statue greets visitors at the museum’s entrance.


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