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Top 5: Cities in U.S. Southeast

by Holly Riddle

Jul 13, 2018

Charleston, S.C. © Sean Pavone |
Large cities like Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, are undeniably impressive, recognized worldwide as centers of commerce, culture and innovation. There are several smaller cities across the United States, though, offering their own unique charm and character. Here are our top seven.

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The U.S. Southeast is known for many things — hospitality, the Southern culture, a fantastic farm-to-table dining scene and a wealth of history. Some cities, however, wear Southern pride better than others. Whether you’re looking to drink in the bourbon-flavored taste of the South or explore some of the most haunted historic spots in the country or even just meet some friendly faces while trying to dodge the humidity, these are the top five cities in the Southeast you have to visit.


Charleston, S.C.

No one captures the class and heritage of the Antebellum South more than Charleston. Steeped in history and haunts, the destination mixes the grandiose with the grisly quite well. Enjoy the beautiful downtown, picturesque shoreline and luxury amenities.


Asheville, N.C.

Nestled in the mountains, Asheville has a quaint and winning culture that’s hard to match. A city that’s not as big as some of the others on this list, it’s on the up, providing many of the little touches travelers desire when visiting the South, from its farm-fresh cuisine to its abundance of natural attractions, its music scene to the shopping.


Nashville, Tenn.

Nashville continues to attract new visitors, particularly millennials. The music and food scenes are great for fun, but the city has a serious side as well, with an impressive entrepreneurial and start-up culture. The shopping options are filled with artisanal and locally sourced products.


Louisville, Ky.

The birthplace of bourbon, Kentucky embraces its heritage whole-heartedly, with more and more offerings catering to those in search of the state’s spirited past. Beyond the drinks, you’ll find rolling bluegrass hills, horse farms and unique culinary creations you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Savannah, Ga.

The state’s oldest city, Savannah boasts an almost endless amount of historical spots, plus an equally spooky past. The green spaces provide a traditionally Southern aesthetic and the food ranges from upscale to down-home.


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