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Top 5: Countries for Couples

by Nia Scott

Sep 10, 2019

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Feed the senses at Jemaa el-Fnaa, a large square and market place in Marrakesh, Morocco’s medina quarter, or old city. Locals and visitors alike frequent the main square, occupied throughout the day by food and drink stalls, local artisan crafts and entertainers including snake charmers, storytellers, magicians and music performers.

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France will always be at the top of the list for best countries for couples to visit. This romantic country prides itself on creating an atmosphere for couples that helps foster a stronger romantic relationship. Love and passion are known to come from France. When people imagine France and their reasons for visiting, it comes up frequently that the country is known for romance. Couples who visit France can enjoy the delicious wine, tourist sites and amazing French food.



Another romantic country is Italy. Italians are famously known for being passionate no matter what emotion. There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a relaxing gondola ride or exploring ancient Roman ruins. Couples can enjoy their time together over a plate of pasta.



Argentina does not come to mind at first when thinking of romantic destinations; however, Argentina is a gorgeous country with beautiful natural landscapes and original architecture. There is something romantic about strolling the streets of Buenos Aires and partaking in dancing with the locals.



Portugal is definitely a country for couples. Couples who visit Lisbon, Portugal, will be greeted with breathtaking scenery admired from hilltop viewpoints and cobblestone buildings. This sunny city is also in close proximity to a gorgeous beach visitors should take advantage of during their stay. Couples also need to make their way to the ancient castle just outside of the city for a romantic daytrip at the castle.



Lastly, Morocco is a great country for rekindling romance. One of the most romantic films ever made takes place in Casablanca. This gorgeous city is a beautiful backdrop to a celebration of romance.



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