Top 5: European Hangover Cures

by Allie Moore

Apr 3, 2019

Hangover © Ocusfocus | Dreamstime

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When it comes to hangover cures, Americans perfected the post-party Pedialyte, greasy breakfast sandwiches and hours of Netflix bingeing. But across the pond in Europe, there are a few other ways to get through this horrid period of alcohol recovery. Here are a few storied hangover cures Europeans rely on.



In the northern countries like Finland and Russia, imbibers head to the sauna the day after for a good sweat session. They believe they can sweat out the toxins from the alcohol by amping up the heat and spending time in the steamy environment.


Protein-Packed Breakfasts

Not unlike the traditional American brunch, heavy drinkers in England and Ireland sop up the alcohol with a greasy breakfast of beans, bacon, sausage, eggs and bread.



In Poland and other Eastern European countries where alcohol is a part of the daily routine, locals rehydrate with a spot of pickle juice or sauerkraut juice. The juice is often served as a sort-of soup in countries like Lithuania and Ukraine, topped with hearty meats and a dollop of sour cream.



Tripe is a fancy culinary word for the intestines of an animal, and Eastern Europeans in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria don’t think twice about slurping down their own version of a hearty tripe stew after a night of indulgence.



Even though Mediterranean cultures tend to drink in moderation, they still may require a strategy every so often to offset the effects of too much wine. They tend to eat greasy, fried potatoes and seafood while they drink to prevent a hangover from even happening in the first place.


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