Top 5: Fine-Dining Restaurants in Marseille

by Jack Guy

Oct 22, 2018

Street art on Rue Sainte, Marseille, France © Sweetsofa | Flickr

Top 5 / Europe

After Marseille was named European City of Culture in 2013, the city saw a resurgence in art, culture and food. Here are some of the best fine dining restaurants in Marseille.


This Michelin-starred establishment opened in 2013 and is housed in the famous Hotel-Dieu. It’s a fantastic setting for a restaurant that focuses on Mediterranean cuisine, with a particular taste for local fish. A real treat if you have some cash to splash.


Head slightly outside the center of town to eat at this seaside restaurant with amazing views over the Mediterranean. Most guests opt to sample the signature set menu known as “Fanny” to see what the chefs can do.

La Villa Madie

Two Michelin stars show the high regard this minimal chic establishment is held in. Chow down on the innovative cuisine while looking out over the sea and the pine forest that surrounds the restaurant.

La Petit Nice

Head chef Gerald Passedat showcases the best of the Provence region and captures the essence of life in a port city. This three-Michelin-star restaurant is known as one of the best places to try the iconic bouillabaisse fish stew.

Une Table Au Sud

Sitting on one corner of the old port, this place is right in the heart of Marseille. The kitchen has won plenty of awards and the prices aren’t cheap, but it’s worth it for a real splurge meal.



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