Top 5: Foods to Try in Colombia

by Anne Flannery

Aug 6, 2018

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Top 5 / South America

There are so many delicious things to try when in Colombia. It is important to fast on the plane and then hit the ground running once you land. And though there is an emphasis on starchier dishes, there is also a wide assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, some which can only be found in this area, so you will want to take advantage of them when you have a chance.


Fresh Fruits

Some of the more unusual fruits to try include mangostine, which looks a little bit like garlic, but tastes like a lychee; uchuva, made into sauces and baked goods and similar to the caper berry; lulada, a kiwi-like fruit only grown in Columbia and Ecuador; and, lastly, though the list can go on, the granadilla, which might remind you of passion fruit. Any and all of these can usually be found in fresh juices. This is the first food to try in Colombia. The variety and freshness of these juices is astounding, especially for someone coming from an upper North American palette. Once you are properly hydrated, seek out the following local fare, readily available in Bogota.



This culinary term means different things in different countries, but, in Colombia, it will get you a fruit smoothie made with chunks of fruit mixed with soda water. It is refreshing and offers a little more variety than straight juice.



This dish of rice, vegetables and pork is prepared inside of the pig. The flavors mesh together perfectly.



Colombia and its regions have a different take on the tamale. In Bogota, you will find the santafereno, which will have any variety of meat in it, as well as carrots, potatoes and chickpeas.


Arroz con Coco

For dessert, try a simple rice pudding made with coconut milk, raisins and sugar. A perfect end to the day.


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