Top 5: Haunted Spots Within the National Parks System

by Holly Riddle

Aug 13, 2019

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Looking to get your spook on while visiting the nation’s national parks? Here are five frightening haunted spots within the National Parks System.


Mammoth Cave National Park

Kentucky’s only national park is pretty creepy all on its own — it’s a giant underground cavern, after all — but the environment is made eerier by the resident ghosts. The souls of those who died within Mammoth Cave include cave explorers and scorned lovers, but buried Native Americans also haunt the grounds.


Death Valley National Park

There’s nothing like an interesting murder case to result in a ghost or two. In the instance of Death Valley National Park, a saloon owner who owed $20 to a banker shot said banker, but then the town rounded him up and hanged him. The grisly story didn’t end there, though. The mob dug him up and then re-hanged him, after which he was beheaded. The saloon owner haunts the area in retaliation.


Yellowstone National Park

Right next to Old Faithful, the Old Faithful Inn is a historic structure that welcomes guests with its more than 300 guestrooms. However, visitors might find something unusual roaming the halls. In the early 1900s, a honeymooning couple arrived at the inn at terrible odds with one another. It’s suspected the husband murdered the wife in the hotel room, beheading her and leaving her in the bathtub. Now, the headless ghost can be found moping about, looking for her head.


Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

In Alaska, this national park is remote and wild, and the ghosts are pretty active. Within the park’s borders, the abandoned mining town of Kennecott sits as a once-busy area of progress for prospecting, mining and the rail industry. Unfortunately, the business of building a 200-mile railroad through Alaska isn’t easy and many of the workers died, alongside those who died in the nearby mines. Now, travelers see and hear the phantoms of the men who perished on the job.


Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is home to a whole slew of ghosts. You’ll find all your trademark ghouls, such as a wandering, wailing woman; child ghosts; and workers who died in grisly accidents. The most unsettling, however, might be the spook lights you can see in the spot where two passenger jets crashed in the 1950s.


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