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Top 5: Most “Sinful” Cities in America

by Holly Riddle

Feb 13, 2020

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In addition to the food, entertainment, shopping and sights, one of the best reasons to visit Las Vegas is the wow factor. All of these offerings come together to create an inexplicably memorable travel experience, full of glitz, glamour, excitement and grandeur. We can’t say enough good things about this city, and we can’t wait to visit soon.

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Typically, when you think of a “sinful” city, your mind will go to Sin City, Las Vegas. However, there are other cities in the United States where you can indulge in your vices. WalletHub compared 180 U.S. cities based on the seven deadly sins: anger, hatred, jealousy, excess, vice, greed, lust, vanity and laziness. The results? Here are the top five most sinful cities in America.



Atlanta comes in fifth, with the most adult entertainment establishments per capita (tying with Portland, Oregon; Tampa, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada).



Houston is fourth, ranking high in the lust and vanity categories. Lust was measured by a city’s number of adult entertainment establishments per capita, erotic or burlesque events per capita, Google search interest index for adult entertainment, active number of Tinder users and teen birth rates. Vanity was measured by a city’s number of beauty and tanning salons per capita and Google search interest index for plastic surgeons.


St. Louis

St. Louis took third. The city tied with several others for most violent crimes per capita. It also ranked first in anger and hatred, and excesses and vices categories. In addition to looking at violent crimes per capita, these categories also look at sex offenders per capita, hate-crime incidents per capita, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, excessive drinking, DUI-related fatalities and marijuana use.


Los Angeles

Los Angeles comes in second, but took first place for both the lust and vanity categories. Los Angeles has some of the most adult entertainment establishments per capita, as well as quite a few tanning salons per capita.


Las Vegas

Coming in first, it doesn’t get more sinful than Las Vegas, where tanning salons and adult entertainment establishments are plentiful, and the people are pretty lazy, too. Laziness was calculated by a city’s average weekly hours worked, share of adults not exercising, average time spent watching television, high school drop-out rates and volunteer rates.


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