Top 5: Traditional Nicaraguan Drinks

by Jack Guy

Jun 18, 2018

Chicha © Larisa Blinova | Dreamstime.com

Top 5 / South America

Travelers who want to get to know the local culinary culture should look out for the following traditional drinks in Nicaragua.

Flor de Caña
This Nicaraguan rum is famous across Latin America, and you’ll find it everywhere in Nicaragua. It’s usually affordable too, so you can stock up without breaking the bank. The dark rum makes a mean Cuba Libre.

You’ll find this cornmeal and cacao drink at most markets, where it’s mixed with water or milk. The sweetened version is tastier but the unsweetened version is definitely healthier. It’s a good shot for breakfast if you need something quick when you’re on the road.

This fermented corn drink is found in various Latin American countries. You’ll find some that have hardly any alcohol at all, and others like weak beer.

Local Beer
The most popular local brews are Victoria and Toña. Both are light lagers and best served ice cold. When they get warm they’re not nice.

These milkshakes come with any fruit currently in season. Try some of the exotic fruits Nicaragua has to offer, mixed with water or milk depending on your tastes.


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