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Top 5: Wines in Portugal

by Andrew Melnick

Aug 19, 2019

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The wine culture in Portugal developed in isolation, so there are a lot of grape varieties that do not grow anywhere else in the world. Portugal has more than 250 indigenous varieties of wines, and here is a list of the top five.


This is a great introductory wine to the dry red wines of the Douro region. It is full-bodied, is also fruity and has a bit of elegance to it. It has hints of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry flavors and aromas and pairs nicely with pork, red meat or burgers from the grill. It will cost around $22.


Fonseca Bin No. 27 Port

This wine is the perfect entry into the world of Port, and will give a hint of what the much more expensive, classic Ports taste like. It has a nice mix of blackberry, plum, cherry and chocolate aromas and flavors. It would go well on its own or with a cheese course. It will cost around $17.


Quinta dos Murças 2015 Assobio Red

This wine comes from the Douro region and gives hints of strawberry, raspberry and plum aromas and flavors. It goes well with pork and chicken, as well as burgers or ribs from the grill. It costs around $13.


Broadbent Vinho Verde

This refreshing white wine is a perfect wine for a summer picnic or cookout. It offers apple, lemon, lime and peach flavors and aromas. It would go great with seafood, salads or chicken. It costs around $10.


Jose Maria Da Fonseca Domini 2013

This is one of the best values in the wine world, offering a hearty blend of dark fruit flavors and aromas, such as blackberries, blueberries, plums and raspberries, along with some spice and earthy notes. This wine pairs well with steak, as well as fajitas or a hearty stew. It costs around $15.


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