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Travel Hacks from Flight Attendants

by Allie Moore

Jun 24, 2019

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When it comes to getting the best tips and tricks in air travel, there’s almost no one better to consult than a flight attendant. Unlike pilots, these airplane crew members spend all their time in the cabins and are front and center to any and all passenger experiences. Here are a few travel hacks from those who fly for a living.


Sit toward the back for faster service. Sitting in the back of the plane can mean being the last to de-board, but it also can mean more attentive service from flight attendants. When call bells ring and crew members have to deliver items to passengers at the front of the plane, other passengers may get a glimpse and be enticed to place the same order. This can be a problem as planes don’t always stock enough extra snacks and drinks for everyone on board, and it’s much easier for staff to slip extra amenities to those who sit in the back.


Don’t fly with a cold. It may seem like common sense, but stubborn travelers may still go through with the flight even when severely sick. Flying with a horrible head cold can damage your eardrums and potentially lead to hearing loss, so save one of your five senses by staying home.


Sit far from the partitions. On large aircraft, try to book seats far from the partitions that divide each section of seats. These seats are normally booked by parents with small children as they can secure the child’s bassinet more easily in this space, but sitting far from these sections means you’ll be less likely to be disturbed by a child’s screams during the flight.


Less is more. Think about everything you want to pack, and then cut it in half. Re-evaluate and pack only the things you’ll actually need for the trip, and if you’ll have the chance to do laundry, pack some detergent pods instead of a few extra outfits.




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Nov 14, 2019


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