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Travel Tips for Hurricane Season

by Allie Moore

Oct 20, 2019

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Tips / Safety

Although the end of this year’s hurricane season is fast approaching, there is still a chance a few of these dangerous ocean storms may pummel through coastal states with the potential to destroy a vacation. See below for a few ways to prepare yourself (and your trip) for a possible tropical storm.


Stay in touch with your airline. If your flight is scheduled to travel in or through the area of impact, you will usually be offered two options: re-book on a flight to the same destination, or receive a full refund even on a nonrefundable ticket. Turn on notifications from your airline to stay up to date with the latest schedule changes.


Clarify your hotel’s policies. Not all hotel chains will cancel and/or help you re-book in the case of inclement weather. Therefore, it’s best to contact the hotel in advance to clarify your rights as a guest and ensure you have adequate travel insurance.


Insure yourself. Speaking of travel insurance, make sure you’re squared away with a decent policy before you leave. Most basic policies cover “unforeseen” causes for cancellation, such as weather, so long as your booking took place before the storm was a foreseeable issue.




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