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Trazee In-Depth: Solar Eclipse Travel 2020

by Angelique Platas

Oct 18, 2019

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Total eclipse of the … sun. Not the first Bonnie Tyler reference about the 2020 annular eclipse, and definitely not the last — so get used to it since another eclipse is coming next summer.


Need a refresh? An annular solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and sun, partially and temporarily blocking out sunlight.


With another solar eclipse fast approaching, now is the perfect time to make astronomy vacation plans. The next eclipse will occur June 21, 2020, but it won’t actually be equally visible from just anywhere. For anyone looking for a front-row seat at the next annular moon phase, look no further than these expert tour experiences.


This next annular phase solar eclipse will be most visible from parts of Africa, including the Central African Republic, Congo and Ethiopia. Other locales you can view the eclipse include China, northern India and the less-likely Pakistan.


Summer Under the Eclipsed Sun in China

If China caught your eye, we have a tour suggestion designed to impress. Tropical Sails Corp., boasts an extensive lineup of activities from Tibet to Shigatse, China. The standard nine-day Tibet & Annular Eclipse tour, June 15–23, 2020 (with an optional five-day or more than 10-day extension) includes epic eclipse views, of course, but additional immersive experiences through the countryside and city streets.


Guests will experience the incredible Tibetan monasteries, complete with prayer halls filled with chanting monks. Hike along stunning, high-altitude walks, boasting edge-of-the-world views filled with impossibly high mountains. Let the natural beauty and spirituality of the region wash over you while visiting cliffside meditation retreats. Walk with the locals, Tibet pilgrims and travelers all coming together to celebrate the Saga Dawa festival in Lhasa.


In addition to the guided tours, many immersive experiences (seriously, you’re going to feel like a local) and prime eclipse viewing, the tour also includes all hotel accommodations; daily hotel breakfast, lunch and dinner; transfers and tours as listed on the itinerary; private eclipse viewing arrangements, including tables, chairs, beverages and snack service during the eclipse; pre-eclipse site inspection, including an astrology briefing and lecture by a resident expert along with dinner; post-eclipse report and celebratory dinner; English-speaking and translation services during all guided tours; all fees for tours, guides, drivers, parking and more; an expert Tour Manager; travel documents; eclipse viewing glasses; and memorabilia. Safe to say, you will be taken care of.


Check out the itinerary for more information and additional activities and experiences. Prices begin at $5,000 per person.


Winter in South America’s Sunless Sky

Another solar eclipse on Dec. 14, 2020 will be visible in Argentina and a great time to take advantage of another Tropical Sails trip. The Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020, another guided tour option, is an 11-day trip with the option to add on and see Iguazu Falls. The trip begins in Buenos Aires, where guests explore local culture and historic landmarks through boat rides, authentic cuisine, vibrant nightlife with live entertainment and dancing, and more before jetting off to Bariloche.


Next up, enjoy a private visit to Puerto Blest and Los Cantaros cascade and take in the region’s truly breathtaking natural beauty. Trek through national park trails, viewing local wildlife and seemingly untouched nature for a few days at a time with private tours and meals peppered in, before heading to San Martin De Los Andes for prime-time eclipse views. Enjoy a private tour and full day at the Lanin Volcano and Huechulaufquen Lake, with a few days more still in store.


Tropical Sails also has a 2020 Solar Eclipse Tour Chile with Pucon and Patagonia. This cruise is just non-stop views, exploration and incredible dining. For two weeks and at about $5,00 a person, based on double occupancy, guests get the best of the region’s stunning vistas and local attractions by boat and on foot with an epic eclipse viewing party. This special trip is worth planning for — and with ample time to save and pay, as deposits are due June 14, 2020, with the full balance paid by Sept. 14, 2020.


Not a bad way to commit to plans.


Whether the summer viewing in China or winter viewing in South America is more your speed, either way you’ll have an expertly planned, designed and choreographed tour to an already bucket-list destination. Traveling for astrological occurrences can take some doing, but when it’s all said and done, it’s truly a once-in-lifetime, or blue moon, experience.




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