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Tribeca 2016’s Most Anticipated Films

by Akhil Kalepu

Apr 12, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival, New York City © Steffi Njoh Monny | Flickr

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Robert De Niro’s highly acclaimed film festival comes back April 13 with 58 films in its lineup. Here are some of the most anticipated screenings to check out.


The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Game of Thrones favorite Maisie Williams stars alongside Jason Sudeikis and Jessica Biel as a teen determined to build a raft and sail across the Atlantic.



Bad Rap

This documentary follows the lives and careers of Dumfounded, Awkwafina, Rekstizzy and Lyricks, four Asian-American rappers trying to make it in the world of hip-hop.




Think of it as a vertical version of Snowpiercer. Ben Wheatley’s latest film stars Tom Hiddleston as a young doctor named Robert Laing, the new tenant of a high-rise apartment. Although initially seduced by the luxurious lifestyle, he is quickly embroiled in rising class tensions from the lower floors.



A Hologram for a King

This comic adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel of the same name tells the story of an American businessman (Tom Hanks) trying to make a difficult sale to the King of Saudi Arabia.


Youth in Oregon

Billy Crudup and Frank Langella star in this dramedy about a man driving his father-in-law to Oregon to fulfill his request for euthanization.




Silas (Nicholas Hoult of Mad Max) is an illustrator living in a futuristic society that eradicated emotion for the sake of peace, only to be infected by new disease. His coworker (Kristen Stewart) is also infected, leading them to plot their escape together.



The Banksy Job

This documentary sounds more like a mystery caper than art world documentary. After the success of Exit Through The Gift Shop, notorious street artist Banksy has enthralled the world. Everyone but AK47, the self-described “art terrorist” who has made headlines for his rocky relationship with the Bristol artist.



Elvis & Nixon

If you like Frank Underwood, you’ll love Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon. Making its world premiere at Tribeca, Michael Shannon plays Elvis Presley making a bizarre request to be sworn into the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs by the president himself.



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