Under $100: Chiang Mai, Thailand

by Nia Scott

Jan 3, 2019

Chiang Mai, Thailand © Arun Roisri | Dreamstime

Under $100 / Asia

Chiang Mai is a northern city in Thailand. It’s difficult to cover this area of Thailand in one day because of its size. There are many attractions, like jungle treks, that require a full day of attention to fully enjoy. The temples, markets and special events could take a few days out of a traveler’s plans. It’s more laid-back compared to the party scene of Bangkok or the more popular islands.


Start your morning by visiting the ruins at Wat Chedi Luang. At one point the structure was possibly the largest in ancient Chiang Mai, but was destroyed by either an earthquake of by an attack. During the 1990s’ restoration of ancient ruins in the area, Wat Chedi Luang was fixed up and opened to the public.


For lunch, go to Khao-Soi Islam to enjoy a local dish known as kôw soy. It’s wheat noodles in curry broth. Locals and travelers alike love the dish. It originated from the Muslin population in Chiang Mai.

Following lunch, rent a bike and drive to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai’s most impressive Buddhist temple. The entrance fee costs 30 baht or $1. It’s one of the most sacred temples in the area and greatly revered by the local population.


To end the evening, take a stroll through an open-air market. At the market, travelers can find souvenirs, handicrafts or local food. Nothing should cost more than a few dollars because Thailand is generally inexpensive.


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