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Under $100: Edinburgh, Scotland

by Jack Guy

Jan 22, 2019

Edinburgh Castle © Meaghan Walsh Gerard

Under $100 / Europe

The Scottish capital is a great place to visit, and you can definitely do so on a budget.

Try the breakfast at Urban Angel for a healthy start to the day that won’t break the bank. Order a smoothie and a pastry to keep things light ($8) before you head off for the day.

For a relaxing morning, visit the Surgeons’ Hall Museum to see gruesome exhibits from throughout the ages of medical science. Make sure your food has digested before you get to the cancerous lungs and gangrenous fingers ($4).

Once things have settled down, go for lunch at Kampung Ali. Here you will get great Malaysian cuisine for just $7 if you go for the special, or add a starter for $3 if you are feeling super hungry.

In the afternoon, visit the world’s smallest inner-city wildlife reserve, the Johnston Terrace Wildlife garden which sits behind Edinburgh Castle ($5). After that, stroll up to the castle itself to admire the view over the city ($7) and then descend for dinner.

Treat yourself to a lovely meal at Rhubarb, a brilliant restaurant inside the Prestonfield House Hotel ($40). Even if you can’t afford to stay here, it’s worth saving up for a meal.


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