Under $100: Hoi An, Vietnam

by Katie Skrzek

Oct 12, 2018

© Kobackpacko | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / Asia

Hoi An is a coastal city in Vietnam known for its rich history and melting pot of cultures. Follow our tips for seeing the city on less than $100 per day.


Start your day with a western breakfast at Dingo Deli. Owned by expats, the restaurant serves up Western breakfast classics, as well as breads, pastries and coffee. Spend less than $10. Explore some of Hoi An’s most popular landmarks, including the Japanese Covered Bridge, the Thu Bồn River and An Bang beach.


Take part in a cooking class and food tour for lunch. Morning Glory Original hosts a daily, two-hour tour for $25 per person. Watch cooking demonstrations and learn how to make classic dishes. Visit the Fujian Assembly Hall. The ornate hall features colorful carvings and a stunning courtyard. Admission costs about $5.


Have dinner at Brother’s Café. Overlooking the Thu Bồn River, the restaurant is housed in a former police station. Indulge in a variety of Vietnamese classics. Dinner costs about $20. At night, make your way to the Lantern Market on Nguyen Hoang Street to browse the hundreds of colorful lanterns. With a lively nightlife scene, hop around to popular spots including White Marble Wine Bar and Q Bar for a few drinks. Spend $10–15.

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