Under $100: Korčula

by Brendan Byrne

May 19, 2016

Korčula, Croatia © Alexey Stiop | Dreamstime

Under $100 / Europe

Lying just 20 miles off of the southern coast of Croatia, Korčula is an island in the Adriatic Sea steeped in history. Known for its medieval towers and battlements fortifying its harbor, Korčula is a particularly compelling destination for travelers. For just $100, one can enjoy a memorable and lively day, full of culture, food and history.


After waking up, head to Kolenda, a café located just minutes from the town square. Enjoy a fresh orange juice made with locally grown oranges. Kolenda gets its produce from local organic farms and serves breakfast until noon, so take your time and enjoy the sun from their streetside seating. A sandwich and coffee should run you about 65 kuna, or $10.


Korčula, Croatia © Jasmina | Dreamstime 26639490

© Jasmina | Dreamstime


Now that you’ve gotten your morning caffeine injection, take an easy walk to the tiny main square. Dominating the main square is St. Mark’s Cathedral, finished in the 15th century. Built in a Gothic-Renaissance style, it is worth taking a trip to the top of the bell tower for unmatched views of the entire town. Entrance costs only 20 kuna for an adult. Descend from the bell tower and stroll leisurely through the town, noticing the beautiful architecture and laid-back vibe of the island.


If you’re feeling hungry, head to Fish’N’Go, a little outdoor restaurant by the harbor serving freshly caught fish and chips along with other seafood fare. You won’t need to spend more than $10, or 65 kuna. Enjoy views of the old town’s battlements, as that’s where you’ll be heading next.


Korčula, Croatia © Fritz Hiersche | Dreamstime 71071963

© Fritz Hiersche | Dreamstime


After finishing lunch, head to the old town’s battlements and walk along the edge, taking in some gorgeous views of the harbor. From here, walk to the Town Museum and then the Marco Polo Tower and Museum, taking in some of the island’s history and culture and costing 20 kuna and 60 kuna ($3 and $10), respectively.


Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head to the terrace at the Lešić Dimitri Hotel, one of the nicest hotels and restaurants on the island. With a magnificent setting right above the water, the Mediterranean menu is extensive, as is the wine list. Enjoy a wonderful Croatian wine and take in the views. Expect to spend about 300–400 kuna, or about $40 to $60. After savoring a delicious dinner, walk along the cobblestone streets before heading back to your hotel.


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