Under $100: Matosinhos, Portugal

by Allie Moore

Jan 5, 2019

© Rui Caldeira | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / Europe

About a 30-minute bus ride due east of the bustling city of Porto, Portugal, lies a coastal town known for fresh seafood, friendly locals and romantic Atlantic sunsets. Matosinhos is an unassuming village of just 45,000 people, drawing visitors to Porto who seek a more local experience set in a quiet fishing village. The size of the town makes it easy to carve out in just a few hours, but spending a full day in Matosinhos will help you get a better sense of what this region is all about: seafood.


Start the day with a coffee and a pastry at Confeitaria Mauricia, just a few steps from the Matosinhos Sul metro station. From the café, walk a few blocks west through the Memorial de Passos Manoel until you reach the sandy stretch of Matosinhos beach. Dodge the seagulls as you roam the expansive coastline, and make a note to return to Bar Praia do Titã at sunset for a Porto-tonic (like a gin-and-tonic but with white port wine).


In the afternoon, head to the Parque da Cidade do Porto for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. The park is massive so it’s easy to spend hours among the acreage of lush greenery and walking paths, sand volleyball courts, a dining area and few ponds.


When dinnertime hits, make your way to Rua Heróis de França where a row of restaurants roll grills out onto the streets for a night of cooking fresh seafood for hungry diners. For less than $20, indulge in the fresh catch of the day, typically served with a side of steamed seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes. Bom apetite!




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