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Under $100: Mexico City, Mexico

by Tiffany Chisholm

Sep 1, 2020

© Florian Blümm | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / North America

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and one of the most important cultural centers in the world. It is a destination that can be enjoyed by anyone.


Your day begins with an early breakfast at Restaurante El Sol with buffet Mexican breakfast options available. ($10)


Next, walk to the Pyramid of the Sun to explore the site along with the Teotihuacan Pyramids ($9).


Head to Zocalo Plaza, or Constitution Plaza, to sightsee and people-watch. This was a former ceremonial center for the Aztecs and where the Mexican Constitution was signed.


The House of Tiles is the next destination. It is a cultural phenomenon with18th-century Baroque style, designed with white and blue tiles. There is a main courtyard inside with a mosaic fountain. The Sanborns Madero restaurant here is your lunch spot for your choice of enchiladas or sandwich plus drink ($20).


Head to the Roma neighborhood and explore by mingling with locals and checking out the environment. Enjoy street tacos and smoothies or ice cream from the shops and stalls you pass ($15–20).


Visit the Frida Khalo Museum, also referred to as the Blue House for it aesthetic. Here you can learn about the painter who heavily influenced Mexico’s pop culture. The museum is Kahlo’s former home and features some of her personal items, and displays her artwork, as well as other local artists ($13).


Centenario 107 is your final destination for the day. Here you’ll have dinner at the bar and grill and enjoy music. The wraps, salads and tacos are great choices ($20).


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