Under $100: Monrovia, Liberia

by Benjamin Kerns

Sep 10, 2018

© Llucky78 – Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / Africa

Monrovia has seen its share of struggles over the years, from decades of war to a surprisingly recent Ebola outbreak, but beneath its rough exterior lies a city brimming with culture and excellent cuisine.


Start the morning with a stop at Kaldi’s Koffee. This small coffee shop sits at the ground floor of the Royal Grand Hotel and offers a variety of bread and sweet treats to help you start your day. Breakfast is cheap, so set aside $10 and you’ll be good to go.


One of the most prominent sites in Monrovia is the Centennial Pavilion, the site used to inaugurate newly elected presidents while also showcasing the history of the city’s political climate. Inside you’ll find photos of every sitting president throughout Liberia’s history, along with monuments and even some of the cars they drove. Entry is free, as are the guides, unless you want to leave a donation.


Next, make your way over to the nearby Liberian National Museum. For only $5, you’re treated to three floors dedicated to showcasing numerous cultural and ethnic exhibits of the country, as well as photography, art and a few artifacts. It’s a wonderful place to learn more about the local history of Monrovia.


Liberia is known for its breathtaking beaches, so why not take the opportunity to dine with a view? Treat yourself to a delicious lunch at Golden Beach Restaurant & Bar, where you’ll find an extensive menu featuring cuisine from many cultures. The fish tacos are particularly great, and only cost about $10.


To truly get a feel for Monrovia you have to partake in one of its many street markets. The bustling Waterside Market is a favorite among locals and a great resource for traditional African clothing and embroidery. Afterwards, seek out Providence Island for another history lesson. Freed slaves from America founded Monrovia in 1822, and Providence Island is where they originally landed and chose to settle. Spend some time strolling along the shore and visiting the many small shops in the area.


Finally, settle down for a great dinner at the Barracuda Seafood and Sushi Bar for some truly incredible sushi. Be careful or you’ll bust your entire budget here. Set aside $30 for a great meal.


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