Under $100: Viña del Mar, Chile

by Katie Skrzek

Jun 12, 2019

Winery in Chile © Ene | Dreamstime

Under $100 / South America

Viña del Mar is a coastal city in Chile. With its oceanfront location, it’s a great spot for a relaxing visit. There is plenty to see and do for less than $100 a day.


Located near the ocean, enjoy breakfast at Fika Coffee Shop. Indulge in a pastry or breakfast sandwich with a coffee or tea on the side. Breakfast costs less than $10. After your meal, head to the beach to walk along the sand.


Go for a stroll through Quinta Vergara. The park boasts a lush garden, amphitheater and palace, currently undergoing construction. Experience the city’s incredible seafood with lunch at Divino Pecado. The popular restaurant offers an Italian spin on Chilean cuisine, with a variety of seafood pastas. Spend about $10–15 on lunch.


Visit Museo Fonck. The archaeology and history museum boasts an impressive collection of artifacts including an original statue from Easter Island. Adult admission costs about $4.


Have dinner at Las Olas Restaurant. Located in the Sheraton Miramar Hotel & Convention Center, the restaurant serves up Chilean cuisine with a global influence. Entrées start around $15.


If you’re the gambling type, end your day at the Viña del Mar casino.


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