Under Canvas Brings ‘Glamping’ to Budget Travelers

by Allie Moore

Jul 9, 2019

Glamping © Chiyacat | Dreamstime

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The long-awaited summer travel season has arrived, but not everyone has spare money set aside for the vacation of their dreams. To help those who may struggle with affording a summer vacation, Under Canvas recently offered a special “pay-what-you-can” promotion for their glamping sites at eight locations around the country.


Normal rates for Under Canvas glamping sites can cost from $149 for a king-sized bed and access to bathroom facilities to up to $400 per night for suites with private ensuite bathrooms inside the tents. But from mid-May to June 4, vacationers were able to suggest a price for a stay at one of the luxury glamping locations.


To apply for the promotion, guests were asked to indicate their preferred location, the number of people who would be joining them for the stay, their annual income and the price they would be willing to pay in order to stay in one of the glamping tents. They also are asked to submit a brief explanation of why they would like to be considered for the experience.


Under Canvas has eight luxury glamping sites, all located near popular national parks: Zion, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Moab, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Great Smoky Mountains and Tucson.



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