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Unique Decor Found in Graduate Hotels Around the World

by Mary Melnick

Sep 30, 2022

© Graduate Hotels


Graduate Hotels offers a memorable stay with unique, sustainable décor, showcasing the significance of discarded objects from the past.



Roosevelt Island © Graduate Hotels


The hotel mastered the art of bringing new life to pieces thrown away. The brand sends someone to local thrift stores and flea markets to pull unique pieces like vintage Nikes and repurposed basketball bleachers. These salvaged objects provide connections from each region to the hotels’ designs, as well as highlight the location’s history and culture. Most of the time, these objects are things that you wouldn’t expect to see in a normal hotel.


At Graduate Hotels Roosevelt Island, the front desk is made from a vintage card catalog where old vaccines were once held.



Bloomington © Graduate Hotels


Learn more about Seattle, Washington’s, booming music scene at Graduate Hotels Seattle, where vintage amps line the two-story lobby wall.


Sneaker fanatics must stay at Graduate Hotels Eugene because the front desk doubles as a display case for 43 pairs of vintage Nikes. The collection of iconic waffle racers, Blazer Kids and a pair of roller skates pays homage to Eugene being the city where Nike got its start.



Seattle © Graduate Hotels


Nashville, Tennessee, started the beauty queen phenomenon and Graduate Hotels Nashville takes inspiration from that by using a dress skirt in the large blue light fixture in the lobby. If you head to the White Limozeen rooftop, keep an eye out for the Emma’s Flowers sign, a tribute to a closed landmark business.



Nashville © Graduate Hotels


Graduate Hotels Bloomington celebrates Indiana basketball with vintage bleachers from local gyms and chandeliers from vintage basketball hoops.


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