Unique New Small Group Journeys from andBeyond

by Holly Riddle

Aug 9, 2018

Africa © Anna Om | Dreamstime.com

Trends / Unique Itineraries & Tours

AndBeyond announced new Small Group Journeys for late-2018 and 2019 departures in Africa and Asia. Additionally, the new journeys include the brand’s first conservation experience of its kind, occurring in November 2018 and May 2019.


The Phinda Impact Small Group Journey provides conservation-minded travelers the opportunity to get their hands dirty with some conservation activities, like rhino notching and elephant collaring, while also interacting with the local community and experiencing a day in the life of an andBeyond ranger, whether that’s tracking animals or rifle training. Tour dates are Nov. 24–28, 2018, and May 12–18, 2019.


A similar conservation tour, the Oceans Without Borders Small Group Journey is a six-day tour led by Dr. Tessa Hempson focused on marine projects occurring on andBeyond Vamizi Island. Activities include fish tagging and monitoring reef systems. Guests interact with the local community and also enjoy water sports. The proceeds from the tour benefit the Oceans Without Borders initiative. Tour dates are March 14–19 and Oct. 9–14, 2019.


Two new experiences take travelers to Asia. The Bhutan Yoga Retreat Small Group Journey includes 10 days of yoga and meditation throughout Bhutan’s mountains and monasteries. Guests experience a quest for balance of the mind, body and soul, alongside a specialist healing facilitator, May 11–20, 2019.


The new 11-day India Mobile Camping Small Group Journey, Nov. 29–Dec. 9, takes travelers across the country to see the history and wildlife firsthand. Stay in luxury mobile tents while hiking, searching for tigers and visiting local tribes.

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