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Unveil Wildlife’s Secrets with Delta by Squibbon

by Holly Riddle

May 19, 2023

© Vallorie Francis | Dreamstime.com

Products / Technology

Want to learn more about the wildlife creeping past your tent during your next camping trip? Or just want to see what resident wildlife might live in your neck of the woods? A new tech option going beyond your average trail cam can help.


Delta by Squibbon is an AI-powered device featuring three built-in microphones intended to pick up faint, undetectable-to-the-human-ear animal sounds. The device can also track wildlife movements. After detection, the device sends all that data to your phone, via the connected app that alerts you whenever wildlife is detected. The app even narrows the information down to tell you exactly which species are present at any given time (which can be extremely valuable if you’re concerned about predators making their way into your campsite or on to your property).


Designed by a leading conservation technologist, Delta takes the same tech environmentalists use in remote habitats around the world to monitor species, and packages it in such a way as to make it more accessible to the average homeowner or outdoorsperson.


The portable and lightweight Delta Device can be used at home, while camping or hiking. It easily fits into a backpack or laptop sleeve, and is simply powered via solar panels. The device launches on Kickstarter this spring.


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