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Urban21 Commuter Backpack

by Erich Martin

Aug 24, 2019

© Huseyin Bostanci | Dreamstime

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If you are anything like me, you constantly look for a new bag to carry all your work supplies. KeySmart has a commuter backpack to up the ante and commute in style.


The Urban21 Commuter Backpack by KeySmart is a sleek, professional-looking backpack. The bag has a number of innovative features designed to help commuters travel efficiently, stylishly and safely.


To start, the snag-resistant gray fabric makes sure the fabric will not unravel at the first sign of a snag. The bag is proportional and its space is distributed evenly from top to bottom. The top features an awesome hard shell, with its own zipper. This pocket keeps things like glasses and phones safe and easily accessible. So far, it has been sturdy in keeping my own sunglasses and other delicate items safe.


Inside, the bag continues to assert organization. The inside features a padded laptop bag, fitting laptops up to 15 inches; RFID-blocking pockets; a pouch to place KeySmart trackers, in case of theft; and more pockets and spaces I have not needed to use yet. The whole bag is waterproof and will keep things inside dry and safe during torrential rain or snowstorms.


On the outside of the bag, a foam, sweat-reducing back pad keeps wearers comfortable. The bag is easily carry-able by way of a top handle. The bag also features a few “secret” pockets, so curious snoops might not be able to find everything.


The bag is resilient, stylish and versatile, and it feels awesome to carry into work.


The Urban21 Commuter Backpack is available from KeySmart starting at $239.99.



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