Valentine’s Day Celebrations

by Angelique Platas

Jan 8, 2019

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Need to relocate for Valentine’s Day? Whether celebrating with a sweetheart or just looking to get away for the holiday, this list has you covered. From the most romantic destinations to the most versatile, make the most of the winter while planning a V-Day getaway — you might even find holiday specials and packages stretching your dollar that much further.


Paris, France

This one is so obvious, it hurts; but, it is a truly stunning destination for winter festivities. Head out sightseeing through the most romantic city in the world with your significant other or enjoy Parisian delights with friends. Either way, it’s a great excuse to enjoy the incredible city while diving into French macarons and Champagne.


Verona, Italy

The heartbeat of Valentine’s Day (literally), Verona, Italy, sees lovebirds from all over the world flock to the town square for the beloved holiday. Expect larger-than-life, heart-shaped everything, beautiful flowers and festivities all over the city reminiscent of a certain William Shakespeare play.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

For somewhere you can escape to winter fun as a couple or with friends, Colorado Springs, Colorado, has more than enough to offer both. Take in the Rocky Mountain views while camping or enjoy winter sports at the myriad resorts offering expert-level skiing and snowboarding. Upgrade to a lodge and take advantage of amenities and tours, like horseback riding, or explore town with friends while touring local breweries and distilleries.


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