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Vegan Junk Food

by Erich Martin

Apr 3, 2019

Ben and Jerry’s Factory © Madeleine Holland | Flickr

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When you think of vegan food, you probably think of raw fruits and vegetables, tofu and different types of meat substitutes, like tempeh and seitan. While these are all delicious, there are many junk food favorites that are vegan, either on purpose or accidentally.


The No. 1 junk food people seem to have picked up on as being vegan is Oreos. Most seasonal flavors, from Peeps to peanut butter, are also vegan. If you’re itching for a good cookie, feel free to indulge in Oreos.


After Oreos, consider vegan ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s has several vegan flavors, and other dairy-substitute brands make excellent ice cream as well. Check out So Delicious, NadaMoo and Halo Top. Brands like Daiya make frozen pizzas with vegan cheese as well, so don’t miss out if you like pizza.


There are lots of items you can get from typical fast food restaurants as well. Usually French fries are vegan, and only lose that when they are fried in oil that also fries meat. McDonald’s is guilty of this one.


Potato chips, chips and salsa, and many types of candy are vegan as well. My favorite vegan candies are definitely Nerds, Sour Punch Straws and SweeTarts.


Vegan food has the reputation of being healthy, but there are always ways to eat poorly if you set your mind to it.





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